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Switchgear Control and Monitoring Solutions
from Weirgrove Power Management Systems

  • With 30 years experience in Industrial Automation and over 20 years of development invested in our switchgear automation products, Weirgrove has established an excellent track record in the supply of equipment for critical power infrastructure.
  • We understand the problems faced by Facilities Managers on critical sites with extensive power networks, multiple power sources, switchgear redundancy and backup systems. Through clear displays and unambiguous diagnostics, our interfaces give operators the best possible tools to help manage their plant through normal operation, test routines and fault conditions.
  • Weirgrove uses tried and tested PLC technology with industrially rugged networks to control MV networks, switchboards, generators and load shedding systems, and to provide data to mimics and graphic interfaces for visualisation.
  • Our engineering philosophy owes much to our background in Food, Pharmaceutical and Power Generation industries; we apply rigorous standards to our system design and validation processes.
  • Mission critical control is normally hardwired but industrial field bus systems also lend themselves to the switchgear environment, Weirgrove has developed protocols for secure communications and display of data from UPS systems, Static Switches, Generators, Instrumentation, Protection and Metering devices.
  • Standby generators are often integrated with “Weirgrove” systems, these can be “break mode” or paralleling units for standby, load lopping or peak shaving.
  • Weirgrove systems are designed for “black start”, being normally powered from batteries and redundant supplies, they also auto-boot and synchronise to existing conditions without unnecessary switching. Fast scanning and logging of alarms and events allow subsequent fault analysis with accurate time based discrimination.
  • Our experience is available on a consultancy basis and Weirgrove can advise on “hardening” of existing MV and LVĀ  power installations.